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EKECHUKWU LAW GROUP, P.C. knows that the U.S. immigration and visa processes can be very complex and confusing. Since 1998, we have successfully represented individuals, businesses and professionals in all types of complex immigration matters. We provide expert legal services to individuals, families, employers, professionals, physicians and students seeking U.S. immigration benefits. 

We explain how to obtain a visa, apply for asylum where applicable, attain permanent residence (through marriage, immediate relatives, employment, investment, asylum and the green card visa lottery program), become a U.S. citizen, or defend individuals in removal proceedings and represent individuals and businesses in U.S. Federal Courts, Appeals Courts and Administrative Agencies. 

We will assist you in preparing and filing all the documents required and follow through in obtaining a permanent resident/green card or visa in any of the qualifying immigration categories. Allow us to give you that individualized attention which you deserve the moment you walk into our office. We have 3 office locations – Chicago, Oak Brook and Forest Park to serve you. Call us today at (312) 360-1944 and let us know which location is more convenient for you.