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Immigration Courts – Removal (Deportation) Proceedings
EKECHUKWU LAW GROUP, P.C. represents individuals in removal or formerly, deportation proceedings, including aggressively defending clients, requests for waivers, requests for stay of removal and appeals. Any and all immigrants, including lawful permanent residents, may be deported from the U.S. and returned to their countries of origin if they fail to obey and abide by U. S. laws and rules or commit criminal offences.

U.S. Federal Courts
EKECHUKWU LAW GROUP, P.C. represents individuals and businesses before the Federal Courts for immigration related actions such as petitions for review, petitions for mandamus proceedings and every petition normally brought before the Federal Courts.


Circuit Courts of Appeals/Administrative Appeals
EKECHUKWU LAW GROUP, P.C. represents individuals and businesses in appeals as well as in motions to reopen or reconsider before the Circuit Courts of Appeals, Board of Immigration Appeals and other Administrative Appeals Agencies when their applications or petitions are denied by the USCIS, Department of Labor and denials by the Immigration Judge in removal proceedings.

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