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The trend toward global political and economic interdependency will continue to have a profound effect on domestic and international business. To this end, we represent both domestic and international clients/businesses in contract negotiation, export/import trade, foreign distribution arrangements, letters of credit, international licensing and leasing, joint venture agreements, company formation, and transfer of businesses or shares.

International law is the collection of treaties and agreements governing the interaction of international business transactions. We assist clients based outside the U.S. to understand and comply with U.S. regulations, and clients located within the U.S. to understand and comply with foreign requirements and how the international issues converge.

Arbitration has gradually become an attractive and popular alternative to dispute resolution in the United States. Success in arbitration generally requires an understanding of the principles and the rules or specific arbitration. We possess the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to successfully represent our clients in various types of commercial arbitration, including trade and international affairs.

Where necessary, we work closely with top international law firms in other countries to ensure protection of our clients